Affordable Ironing & Laundry Services in Cape Town

Are you in need of an affordable ironing and laundry service to cater for all your laundry needs? Our Cape Town company provides this for you. We have been in the laundry business for a long time and in that time we have come to understand the needs of our esteemed clients. Since our establishment, we have become one of the leading dry cleaners Cape Town has to offer. A huge part of this success is attributed to our clients who always come back for more.

Ironing & Laundry Cape TownWe have state of the art equipment to ensure that we launder every dirty fabrics to perfection. Your jeans, curtains, wedding dresses, tuxedoes, blankets, party dresses and so on are all guaranteed to be handled regardless of the kind of stain. Our more than qualified Cape Town ironing and laundry experts will use detergents that will not only remove the stains from your laundry, but also leaves your fabrics stronger. We focus most of our attention on the detail of your laundry by treating every individual garment with great care. This is because different fabrics have different ways of cleaning them.

Ironing & Laundry Services Cape TownWhether you need laundry done for your home or business, our modern equipment is sure to handle anything you can dish out.  Your uniforms, sheets, towels, blankets, clinics and hospital clothes and restaurant or hotel mats are safe with our cleaners. You do not have to worry about strong detergents destroying your clothing, since we never use anything with disastrous effects.  After we have washed all the domestic or industrial laundry, we dry, iron and fold it for your convenience. If you need all these remarkably affordable services, Call us today on 021 300 1792, and we will provide the best ironing and laundry services in Cape Town.

We’re also available for other services, such as upholstery & carpet cleaning and domestic helpers.